Our team of fully qualified union employees are known for their excellent standards and the ability to complete projects on schedule and on budget. We can complete your mechanical and process piping installations, all while maintaining the highest level of quality and safety, often with no downtime for your business. Here is a list of the services we can offer your business.


At our core, we are full service mechanical contractors. Our knowledgeable and experienced managers and tradesmen can provide the complete range of mechanical services including building service connections, domestic hot and cold water, sanitary and storm sewers. Our qualified plumbers all have tradesman qualification and apprentices.


We are a full service plumbing contractor.


As mechanical contractors we supply all heating and ventilation equipment. We procure the services of sheet metal ducting, control systems, insulation, and testing subcontractors to compete these installations. Of course our knowledgeable staff will complete the installation of any heating, cooling or gas piping systems required to complete the HVAC system. As a complete mechanical contractor, we are experienced in coordination of all of the elements required for a modern energy efficient and comfortable HVAC system.
We are also very experienced in specialty ventilation systems, such as dust, CO2, or fume evacuation using specialty construction materials.

Fire Protection

We do minor modifications to the fire protection system with our own staff but, we procure the services of extremely qualified fire protection specialty contractors for larger work.

Steam and Pressure Piping

We are extremely experienced in this field, and can provide installation of new or modifications and extensions to existing steam, condensation systems for both process heating or environmental heating. We also work with pressure piping systems such as high pressure compressed gasses and process systems. We are Safety Authority Licensed in both BC and Alberta.

Natural Gas BioGas and Fuel Piping

We have gas licenses in BC and Alberta, as well as highly qualified tradesmen in this area. We are able to work on fuel systems for a wide range of applications, such as heating furnaces, steam and water boilers, and process specific requirements such as ovens or kilns.

Tanks and Pressure Vessels

We are able to design atmospheric vessels and install both ASME pressure rated and atmospheric vessels, including jacketed or insulated tanks including tanks that require assembly in place. We are qualified to repair and modify tanks and pressure vessels, and can commission the fabrication of new tanks and vessels.

Food Grade Sanitary Piping and Equipment Installations

As one of our key areas of specialization, we have extensive experience in installing sanitary piping systems suitable for clean in place as required by the food and pharmaceutical industries. Surface finish and cleanability is paramount. These systems require very smooth surfaces, and fabrication without crevices, corners or dead legs as required by 3-A standards, We fabricate all of our systems from stainless steel, and other highly resistant alloys to enable us to use the cleaning solutions necessary to maintain the sanitation of these systems.

Sanitary and Industrial Automatic and Manual Valves

We specialize in source and supply of automatic and manual valves, both for industrial application and specialized sanitary valves. We have extensive knowledge and experience in automation of valving for HVAC, industrial, and sanitary applications.

Controls and Automation

We can provide preliminary design and detailed requirements needed for automation. We are able to specify control requirements, and procure the necessary instrumentation, equipment, and services from qualified and specialized suppliers and contractors. We also facilitate any necessary supervision and commissioning.

Pumps and Specialty Items

We are able to size and specify, source and procure a wide range of pumps, specialty items and valves, and have access to any necessary suppliers and specialists in the industry.

Stainless Steel Platforms

We can supply and install both prefabricated and built in place platforms. We can arrange for engineered and stamped structural design when required.